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Tamworth Heritage Magazine is the quarterly magazine for all things Heritage in Tamworth The magazine is Free to download and read.
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Volume 2 - 2024

Vol 2- Issue 4 Autumn

Vol 2- Issue 3 Summer In Preparation for July 2024

Tamworth Heritage Magazine V2i2
Vol 2- Issue 2 Spring (Click Cover image or here )

An Elford Childhood Growing up in a Staffs Village 1920s The Two moats of the Moathouse
This season’s significant dates and events
The History of  Drayton Manor Leisure Park
Doorway to Tamworth
Staffordshire History Centre Update
Peel, Sergeant Pepper and Posterity
Great Riot at Tamworth
A short History of Tamworth New Hampshire
School Report : BoleHall Boys School  1940s
Book Review: Festival of Britain: Tamworth  

Tamworth Heritage Magazine 2024 Vol2  Iss 1 Winter 2024

Vol 2- Issue 1 Winter (Click Cover image or here )
Out and About in Tamworth: An overview Tamworth Around the World: Cumberland County,Va, USA
Richard Rawle, the Vicar of Tamworth, & Bishop in Trinidad Doorway to Tamworth
This season's significant dates and events
William Wailes stained glass artist
Tamworth Castle Clamber! tour of the Castle Repairs
Book Review: Tamworth: A History by Roger Stone Tamworth and Glen cottage, A family history 1880-1914 An online history of Rugeley Power Station

Volume 1 - 2023

Tamworth Heritage Magazine Vol1  Iss 4 Autimn 2023

Vol 1- Issue 4 Autumn (Click Cover image or here )
The Five Jewkes Brothers from Wilnecote in WW2
Thomas Argyle
The Rawlet Trust
This seasons Significant Dates
Doorway to Tamworth
Tamworth Around the World:- Onterio Canada
Book Review:Tamworth, Report of Survey
(the 1965 report that forever changed Tamworth)
St Editha's Under Fire-Analysis of Suspects

Tamworth Heritage Magazine 2023 Vol1  Issue 3 Summer

Vol 1- Issue 3 Summer (click cover image or here )
Harvey Teasdale and the re-opening of the Friends Meeting House. Lichfield St. Tamworth.
Tamworth History Group
Tamworth Co-operative Society Ltd
A Walk around the former Local Mines
This seasons Significant Dates
Doorway to Tamworth
Tamworth Family History Group NSW Australia
Book Review: King Alfred's Daughter
The Tamworth Co-op Archive
The Moathouse

Tamworth Heritage Magazine 2023 V1 I2 Spring

Vol 1- Issue 2 Spring (Click image or here) Contents:
Female Mayors of Tamworth
Pincher Dead! Darkie to hang?
St Editha's under fire
MP's son survives fall from speeding train
Doorway to Tamworth
Royal British Legion: Tamworth Branch
Tamworth History Center: NH USA
Gungate Waggoner Dies Tragically
Book Review: The history an antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Tamworth
The History of Freemasons in Tamworth
Freemasons a "Secret Society"
Time Travel in Tamworth

Tamworth Heritage Magazine Vol1-I1 Winter 2023

Vol 1- Issue 1Winter (Click image or here)
60 Years of Tamworth Railway Station
This Seasons Significant Dates and Events
Francis Banes Richards Memorial Plaque
Book Review: Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts
Dig at the Mill
The Mystery of the twin Spiral staircase at St Editha’s


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