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Tamworth Heritage Magazine covers all and any history and heritage from in and around Tamworth.  That is Tamworth Staffordshire, but we maintain links to the other four Tamworth’s around the world. 
A lot of the things covered in Tamworth Heritage Magazine are about the “ordinary” people as much as notable names. This hopefully fills in the many blanks between the dates of battles, kings and MP’s. Including people whose names and AKA’s are so ephemeral that we don’t really know who they were... outside the name they used at the time. 
Tamworth Heritage Magazine works with several Tamworth history,  genealogy and heritage groups but we welcome content from any source if it has a link to the Tamworth area or its people. The magazine is Free to download and read. click here, or on the cover images, for all editions Contact editor@TamworthHeritage.org.uk


Tamworth Heritage Magazine is a free downloadable PDF published 4 times a year.
Winter - January
Spring - April
Summer - July
Autumn - October
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Current edition is Winter 2024
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